Built on a platform of robust and diverse industry experience, our people are at the core of the solutions we provide.

We’ve welcomed people from every sector of the freight and logistics industry to give us a complete and full understanding of user experience and service delivery.

Our people are our assets. Our team is your team.

We walk together | We are our word | Embrace every challenge | Pride in our environment | Create “different”

Steven Ballerini

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Henderson


Anthony Mason

Finance Manager

Justin O’Meara

General Manager

John Cowan

Head of Customer Experience

Ashley Knight

Relationship Manager

Kosta Yankos

Relationship Manager

Lisa Hunter

Customer Service & Operations Manager

Ainulea Skwarek

Customer Care Consultant

Hayley Hartwig

Customer Care Consultant

Jess Smith

Customer Care Consultant

Amy Ivancic

Customer Operations Specialist

Matt Milazzo

Business Improvements & Projects Manager

Emma Coutinho

Master Data & Business Intelligence Lead

Peter Hay

Service Delivery Team Leader

Daniel Morando

Commercial Finance Analyst

Thadcha Yogan

Commercial Finance Analyst

Mandy Sim

Business Analyst

Maitlyn Turpin

Billing & Accounts Team Leader

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