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Women in Logistics & Supply Chain

Women everywhere are starting to make their mark in the supply chain and logistics industry. How has supply chain management evolved in response to gender diversity trends? Currently the supply […]

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Can a robot manage my logistics and supply chain?

There’s been plenty of ‘rocking the boat’ happening in the last few years about the future of business in the age of artificial intelligence. The consensus seems to be that […]

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The future is here: AI in Australian logistics and what it means for you

For a long time, AI (or Artificial Intelligence) seemed like a feature of the distant future, too far away to seriously contemplate. But, AI has well and truly arrived in […]

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What is blockchain and what does it mean for customers in the Australian logistics industry?

You may have heard of blockchain before, and you’ve almost certainly heard of Bitcoin, the most well-known application of blockchain technology. But what does blockchain technology actually involve, and how […]

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